Mum’s 90th Birthday

Audrey & Bessie’s 90th Birthday Party

I was both delighted and privileged to perform for my mother and her friend Audrey at their combined 90th birthday party at the Women’s Institute in Margam, Port Talbot. This specially selected set features some easy listening classics along with 2 very special song requests for each of the birthday girls.

This is a 100% live recording taken directly from the mixing desk and yes sure, it is a little shaky in some parts on the ‘walkabout’ songs where I’m quite literally leaping off the stage to sing amongst the ladies. Nevertheless, I thought it was worth posting here so that you can enjoy a fairly typical Robbie Darin matinee show for yourselves.

Here’s the link to download the entire show as a zip file: The 90th Birthday Show (109 mb)

These ‘live’ tracks are 100%, one-take recordings taken directly from the mix desk during Robbie’s performance. They provide an accurate representation of Robbie’s live sound.

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