The UK No.1s Quiz

The UK No.1s Quiz – Who Sang That?

When performing I am often asked “what song was that?“, “who sang that?”or “was that so and so?” As a result I decided to put together a very different type of show, one that also runs as an interactive music quiz!

In this ‘one-man show’ format up to 16 songs are performed over an hour or so. These songs are all classic favourites from the 50s, 60s and 70s that everyone will know … or will they?

The task at hand is simple … guess which songs made it to the very top of the UK hit parade. Points are awarded for correctly identifying the artist, the song title, and or course the year the song first featured on the UK singles chart.

This format also allows for the provision of prizes (not provided) and is perfect for both teams and individuals. The scoring options may be adjusted to suit the style of event.

Quiz sheets and posters can be downloaded here

The answers are given in a typical ‘chart rundown’ format at the end of the show where the participants mark each others quiz sheets and the winners (and losers) are announced. Great fun for one and all!

Note: All answers are correct according to The Official UK Charts Company.

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