The Streaming Sessions

I’m very excited and pleased to announce the first in a series of live streamed concerts. I will be doing three shows a week (in regular time slots) to showcase the different types of artists, songs and genres in my repertoire. Please note that this is a very new area for me and I’ll be starting on Facebook so we’ll see how it goes. Here’s how the three types of show break down: –

The Sunday Matinee

Running on Sunday afternoons from 15:00 UK time
A typical Robbie Darin show covering a mixture of your favourite artists and songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Check out my songlists and let me know what you’d like to hear. A full songlist will appear shortly.

Spotlight On / Featuring… (on Wednesdays)

Running on Wednesday evenings from 19:30 UK time
A specialist show which will focus on one particular aspect of my repertoire. This could be an artist, genre or musical theme. Maybe an era (e.g. Rock ‘n Roll), or songs from a particular year or even a quiz! First up is Bobby Darin.

Robbie’s Late-Nite Lounge (on Fridays)

Running on Friday nights from 21:00 UK time
A selection of laid-back sounds for that late night lounge feel. These are typically Trio, Quartet or Piano-only arrangements of classic songs, often with a twist!
You can get an idea here. So, pour yourself a large cocktail, kick back and relax…

Schedule for April / May 2020

The Easter Sunday Matinee – listen here (86 mins)
Sunday 12th April 15:00 UK

Spotlight on Bobby Darin
Wednesday 15th April 19:30 UK

“Robbie’s Late-Nite Lounge”
Friday 17th April 21:00 UK

“The Sunday Matinee featuring Nat, Matt and Dean”
Sunday 19th April 15:00 UK

“50s and 60s Rock ‘n Roll”
Wednesday 22nd April 19:30 UK

“Robbie’s Late-Nite Lounge”
Friday 24th April 21:00 UK

“The Sunday Matinee featuring Country and Western songs”
Sunday 26th April 15:00 UK

“Spotlight on Frank Sinatra”
Wednesday 29th April 19:30 UK

“Robbie’s Late-Nite Lounge (featuring Piano tracks only)”
Friday 1st May 21:00 UK

“The Sunday Matinee featuring songs from the Movies and TV”
Sunday 3rd May 15:00 UK

“60s Pop Classics”
Wednesday 6th May 19:30 UK

“Robbie’s Late-Nite Lounge – V.E. Day featuring songs from the 40s”
Friday 8th May 21:00 UK

“V.E. Day – The Sunday Matinee featuring songs from the 40s”
Sunday 10th May 15:00 UK

Enjoy the shows!

Robbie Darin
April 2020

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